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the dreamer class

How do you justify the 'dreamer class'. difference between artist and 'dreamer class':

  1. intellectualising of it - exclusivity, don't make things, speculating

  2. artist intuits it - artists output, more inclusive, accessible

ideas are powerful and useful, but if there's no craft involved and reaching down to the ground and becomes a bubble, what is the thinking for?

designers and architectures - the "dreamer class" illusion of order, productivity and progress, retaining exclusivity. The "real world" is too chaotic. Where and how does dreaming . Cultural progress is like a mega-brain, making a set of beliefs. tool for sense-making for a set group in a given point in time.

relationship between art and money - patrons. does it add actual value?

intellectualising something that humans have always done.

human beings having the lack of time to questions things

it's been the benefit of human structure to keep everyone busy. ruling class didn't come up with the idea - it's a ratcheting effect. it becomes a tool.

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