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polychronic tales

Updated: Feb 18

draw different theories of time - Egyptian, western, african, planetary, cats, dogs, mayfly, trees, etc. If you put them next to eachother we see how narrow the monochronic/linear one is.

Issues when futuring!

Add my drawing from MA - cone.

I was recently reminded of my synesthesia that I refer to at least 20 times per day (the year is an oval and I move along it anticlockwise as the year progresses, looking into it) and I’ve tried to draw many times but never quite manage to depict as it feels and looks to me. I’m researching the concept of how we design time for a blog post and how to better illustrate polychronic depictions of time that are relational, from different cultural and species points of view. I think questioning our relationship with time is vital to also shift values and views of ourselves as part of systems.

Draw calendar where winter months are low-energy resting time. And rest of year based on how to manage natural systems in symbiosis.

Renewable energy instead of burning wood for energy. Management of renewable low carbon household.

How our relationship with time - numbers for sun-place, moon-change and star change has affected ideas for human organisation.

Not huge difference in numbers for change (bit different seasons make different rituals and meanings) but how it manifests in ideas and meaning?

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