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Digital deities and trolls in the machine

Updated: Feb 14

Björk and the third eye in the global north.

digital technology is a methodology - discuss.

The numberwitch, the workshop on Wednesday that Kavitha went to about the 3rd eye in indigenous ways of knowing, and Björk opening TV from 1987.

Ontological design side effects of remote, digital tech work.

Rescue dig pretend scenarios to get rewarded for getting things right. I've been ground down by being treated like a machine - only interacting when things are wrong, not when they're right.

tech is magic and we don't question it.

Ai as elder, mother, nonna. Advice and wisdom. Kin, ancestor.

Cat gtp and Siri/Alexa.

Mother from alien

Mother earth communication. Relational, co-evolving mutualism, caring.

Digital craft is gendered. As the ability doesn't sit in the tool, it's our brains that are gendered and gender is a tool for making sense of things. Uploading the sense of the rest of the world.

Katrine Marcal

The image of woman w sword legitimates her.

Hard materials - male and soft tech/materials - female. Had because it's destructive and lasts over time, is found and used to make sense of past humans. And because it's seen as more important and in turn dictates what is valued.

Le Guin carrier bag of fiction.

Woman Viking remains with weapons.

Björk tv video

Deeply religious ppl who also believe in astrology. Pick and mix from sense making paradigms / sense-making systems to get our needs met.

Magic of the technology that we don't understand. When it breaks - trolls in it. Troll = magic. Our high expectations of it and lack of patience when it doesn't work. Emotional reaction at a piece of plastic/metal though which we seek connection and meaning.

Image of candle on iPhone next to Apple Store after Steve Jobs death.

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