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A Swedish, award-winning sound designer turned design researcher, with a specific interest in regenerative practice, narratives for planetary health and systems-change.

My recent project outputs comprise of three narrative artefacts that interrogate the globally entangled and inequitable systems for meeting needs and desires that has long distorted causalities.

Institutions for consumption are taken for granted as effective providers, but deny us relationality, planetary feedback and responsible choices. Remedial strategies for mitigating negative externalities produced by these systems, have prioritised technological, linear innovation and individual responsibility, over systemic change.


This project explores how narrative design methodologies can me used to provoke disorienting dilemmas and transformative learning, and seek to cause epistemic change toward more equitable lifestyles. The project aims to serve designers, entrepreneurs and citizens who identify as “caring consumers” and seek guidance for living well within planetary boundaries, and what innovation and culture could look like in this context.

I engage research through design by making and collaborating, as well as utilising empirical research for steering iterative processes. 

Design modes and sensorial methodologies are developed to create systemic objects and narrative artefacts for encouraging epistemic and systems-change beyond rational and scientific sense-making. 

This project predominantly responds to work by Unknown Fields, Kate Raworth, Donella Meadows, Mathilda Tham, Stuart Candy, Tony Fry and Dulmini Perera. References cited are mainly from a Western standpoint, as the contextual issues emerge from this worldview. I acknowledge that this influences the resulting concludions, and blind spots, for (re)designing a Western understanding of the world.


Cited research encompasses transdisciplinary viewpoints of the explored topics, and although I make reference to Indigenous philosophy, I do not seek to appropriate these as Western solutions. I measure the project’s success through whether and how it invites curiosity from participants who engage with the outputs, the exhibition, and how it may open up opportunities for future design explorations.


I hope this work to be a catalyst to undertake further research projects and collaborations to further explore systems-shifting design and post-rational design methodologies.

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